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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Help For Hydrocephalus Sufferers

Going into the hospital on Wednesday July 19. The Dr.  will put a shunt in my head to funnel the water on my brain into the shunt and drain it harmlessly into my stomach. That will hopefully correct and relieve the weakness and inability to use my legs without a cane, and hopefully the shunt will restore my short term memory which is all but gone. This condition I have is called Hydrocephalus. Most people do not know about it because it only effects a very small segment of people.

There is a wonderful place called the Hydrocephalus Association at 4340 East West Highway  Suite 905 in Bethesda MD 20814.

They perform a great service with literature, videos, personal contacts, and recommendations..
There are no charges.  Just help.

The number is 301-202-3811 and the email is

Hope this help someone..

Friday, July 14, 2017

My Battle With Hydrocephalus

I have not blogged very much in recent months. I have an excuse. I have been sick and furthermore unable to find a Dr. to diagnose the condition, I have had a continual problem walking, and remembering easy short term memory events. I went from Dr. to Dr. and finally a found a neurologist who made a diagnosis of a condition called Hydrocephalus which is water on the brain. This water drips down into the spine and causes trouble walking, and thinking. That is my problem..It takes a long time to emerge but it is usually curable.

After spending a huge part of my life for the last few years as the disease progressed I became more and more desperate to, find a DR. who could treat this disease which is treatable I have spent so much of my  time researching I feel like an expert on Hydrocephalus. I found a Dr, a neurosurgeon who will put cut my skull open and insert a shunt in my brain to drain the damaging fluid from and cut it off from travelling to my spine where it does all the damage.

On July 19 I will have neurosurgery done by Dr. Matthew Tate at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. He willLput a shunt in my brain which hopefully will  resolve this problem. I could write tons about Hydrocephalus but I will not now.

I will report more as the days go on for those who are interested.