Monday, September 11, 2017

Paying Peanuts For Bloggers From Google AdSense

AdSense is a mystery to me. Blogger is the free blogging site that Google owns and operates very efficiently. AdSense, owned by Google, keeps track of what bloggers earn. AdSense is mutually beneficial for both Google and bloggers who are paid by the amount of times their blog is clicked on..

Ad revenues are generated toward Google advertisers whose ads are placed on the same pages along with the blogs. So, it's a quid pro quo more or less. Less for any bloggers except the best and most popular who are a special few who work endlessly and are very talented. and get a lot of traffic.

I have been owed $85.24 from Google AdSense for several years. Today, I again got interested in figuring out how to get paid.

 I know that you must earn $100.00 to formally be entitled to receive a payment from Google AdSense.  However, I am sure Google pays small sums for things they need even when the amount  is less then $100.00.

They need bloggers.. There is lots of competition for us. But it takes many of us foever to earn $100.00 despite bringing in traffic to the site.

Most bloggers earn nothing at all or very small sums..I realize there are a few bloggers who make real money but I believe that statistics would show that an average blogger makes peanuts. They write for love.

I have blogged thousands of hours with heart and soul for many years because I love to write and share what I think. I have over 10,000 page views on my blog. I have earned my $85.24. and I have generated plenty of traffic for Google. I admit I have been an off and on blogger like so many others. But, I have stayed with Google Blogger..

 Blogging is fun and fulfilling.but it is hard work.  Incentives are needed to keep the army of bloggers like myself blogging away. It is unfulfilling to work for FREE. Google understands they are getting slave labor from many who cannot earn $100.00 in a reasonable period of time. But,we keep blogging anyway which only helps Google and it's advertisers..

Google could fix this problem by awarding small payments. I know it's a lot of bookkeeping and detail but it might be worth it. Part time bloggers would love that idea  and would likely blog more.

It takes forever to earn $100.00 blogging if you are just a normal person who likes to write and are not a professional blogger. .Those $1000.00 a day blogger earning figures that are tossed around  are a fantasy. Huge AdSense earnings are an almost impossible dream for most bloggers. Maybe Mashable and a few blogger superstars know how to make real money from blogging but normal bloggers makes only pennies for their hard work.

I am a senior citizen who is not computer savvy. I hardly know what a URL is. I cannot figure out most things on a computer. I am happy to just get online knowing how to perform a few simple steps with a computer.  I type with two fingers. Who cares?.

 Writing is a great, first amendment outlet.and I love unfiltered, easy to publish social commentary  the same as so many others do.. .

Google makes blogging very easy. Blogging is part of what really does make America great.. Everyone should blog. It is an easy and great way to express almost anything you feel...

Nonetheless, this $85.24 is a matter of principle. .Also, it would be good business for Google to pay out small sums to promote blogging.

Google has proven it is composed of sensitive, humane, and honest employees who respect the majority of its following of people throughout the world.  Google should do more to promote itself by compensating lots of people small sums for blogging..We are your profit center..

 I went to my Google page, to the AdSense forum, to Google Analytics on Twitter, and am now also posting this story. It has taken about three hours to write. Make another smart move Google.. Allow us non-superstar bloggers to be compensated by making payments of small sums.

 We deserve a break from you.  Blogger Bloggers generate so much revenue and passion to your site. You are all about fairness Google are you not?

Since you at Google literally see just about everything in the world  then pretend the $$85.00 you owe me is a payment for a bunch of donuts or something and not a payment for blogging.

Do that for everyone who is an occasional blogger. Who knows?.
Maybe this is a monster idea. That is how Google started out is it not?.

It is worth a test. (all rights reserved lol).

Thank you.

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