Friday, July 14, 2017

My Battle With Hydrocephalus

I have not blogged very much in recent months. I have an excuse. I have been sick and furthermore unable to find a Dr. to diagnose the condition, I have had a continual problem walking, and remembering easy short term memory events. I went from Dr. to Dr. and finally a found a neurologist who made a diagnosis of a condition called Hydrocephalus which is water on the brain. This water drips down into the spine and causes trouble walking, and thinking. That is my problem..It takes a long time to emerge but it is usually curable.

After spending a huge part of my life for the last few years as the disease progressed I became more and more desperate to, find a DR. who could treat this disease which is treatable I have spent so much of my  time researching I feel like an expert on Hydrocephalus. I found a Dr, a neurosurgeon who will put cut my skull open and insert a shunt in my brain to drain the damaging fluid from and cut it off from travelling to my spine where it does all the damage.

On July 19 I will have neurosurgery done by Dr. Matthew Tate at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. He willLput a shunt in my brain which hopefully will  resolve this problem. I could write tons about Hydrocephalus but I will not now.

I will report more as the days go on for those who are interested.

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