Wednesday, June 7, 2017


no goals or objectives. I'm 68 years old and healthy other the having a condition called hydrocephalus which is fluid on the ban. It makes you unable to walk properly, think cognitively, or feel balance. It is terrible to live with. No taking a walk, engaging in fruitful conversation, or enjoy normal short term memory. In fact one of the only ways I can get any piece of mind is to write. Writing gives some meaning and value to my life. It is one of the only ways I have left to cope with my semblance of a life What do I do? I'm sitting in front of the tv with no life and no purpose. I have nowhere to go and Wed June 7, 2017  Everyone needs validation in their life. It5 can come with a job, a wife, a family, consuming hobbies and many other things. I do not have any of those. I am alone in my own morbidly depressed life.I have 3 wonderful, loving grown children and 5 grandchildren That is not enough to capture my mind for very long. I always come back to this indescribably dismal place where I see no value in my life. I want to live but do not know what to do with this life.