Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pissed At A Starbucks Toilet

There ought to be a law against people who go to a Starbucks bathroom, flush the toilet, turn on the hand blower, and then do not immediately open the door and leave. 

It's so rude to professional Starbucks pissers who are listening to the hand dryer thinking they will be able to relieve themselves when the blower goes silent. 

Just the other day I stopped at my favorite Starbucks which is on my delivery route. I had a fierce urge to take a piss. My old bladder was bursting. 

I entered and looked at the single bathroom door and there was no one waiting to go in. Relief, I felt happy for a second. Then, I turned the handle of the door and it was locked. "Shit," I mumbled quietly. 

I started swaying nervously waiting to hear the toilet flush. It did quickly, Then the hand blower started blasting away. 

Ah. Thank goodness. Relief was a few seconds away. I then heard the blower turn off and I already had my hand on my zipper in anticipation of emptying my bloated bladder.

But, the door did not open. Another few moments went by and I was sweating and swaying  and getting crazy. I was just a little bit away from peeing in my pants. After all, I'm sixty nine years old. My bladder is no longer made of steel. Now, it seems to be made of tissue paper. 

Another moment passed and I couldn't take it. I snapped. I pounded hard on the door with both fists. Nothing happened. Then, I started kicking the door while still pounding away with my hands.
Nothing doing.

 I started screaming "get out of there" "I gotta go bad." Still, only a locked door. My bladder was at its limit. The piss was just about to burst out. It was personal now. This bastard inside was trying to torture me. I screamed "get the fuck out of there, asshole, I'm dying here". 

The door finally opened and this little prick with a Chicago White Sox cap emerges, I felt brave knowing I was not going to get punched out by some nasty dude. As I roughly pushed past this little shit who was about four and a half feet tall and maybe eight years old I screamed at him " Did you ever think someone was waiting to get in here?" He looked up at me as if he had never been abused before.

 I emptied my tortured bladder, came out and started heading back to my van. Just as I was pulling open the Starbucks front door this huge, strong, heavily tattooed arm clamped around the back of my neck. This  big muscle bound, scary looking guy growls "that's my son, asshole" pointing down to the little prick who is now grinning widely at me. I say "umm, ah, I". 

The bruiser, probably his father interrupts my stutter. He says "You have three words to say to  little Tommy "Repeat them back asshole or say goodnight as he cocks his arm back and makes a fist"."Say, I'm sorry Tommy". I looked down at this little bitch who was now laughing hard. I looked at the brute before I humiliated myself. He was mad. 

I'm sorry Tommy". "Ok" little Tommy says.
The tough guy looks at me as I opened the door walking away.. " "Go get your dick fixed shithead" he says. He waited for an answer. 
I only could come up with "thank you" 

What a pussy I am. My OCD made me replay the situation over and over for days. The conclusion was "I'm a pussy.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Viagra Does The Job Saving My Relationship

  I woke up this morning in terror about my life. Broke and three days from being homeless thanks to my fucking girlfriend - ex-girlfriend. She gave me the boot just because my old dick won't go up all the time. Ok. Most of the time . Fine. Almost never. I get it. My dick is really a problem. But, its only been bad for 7 or 8 years.  No big deal I tell her. "That's right" she says. "Your dick used to be a big deal. Now its mush just like the person its attached to. You two belong together. Two worthless . I don't know.... Things.  Three days to find another sucker for free rent . Good luck. Your ex- main asset  is now as useless as rotten eggs"

  I hobbled over to to  the computer table to take my pills. I glanced at the computer screen and my heart jumped.. I'm not too sharp but I do know a good deal when I see one. She thinks I'm dumb. Ha.

 There it was. On the screen in big, bold print  an offer that said." We can make you wealthy without even putting your socks on". I looked over at my ugly, dirty, smelly socks .I was pumped. I'll show her who' s dumb I thought"

  I dialed the number in the ad. A lady answered. This is Ginny,"can I help you? "Yes, yes you can Ginny" "Thank goodness I called you" I'm Dave and I'm glad to tell you I haven't put my socks on.

. "What about your socks sir" Call me Dave please "Your socks? "Yeah Ginny. "My socks".
. " I just read your ad and it said "you can make me wealthy without me even putting on my socks."
So Ginny, how will you make me wealthy"?Sir" "It's Dave. Dave.
 "Ok Dave You want money " You'll have to apply.

"No.No.No. Your ad said you could make me wealthy without putting my socks on."
"so, let's get  started".

"Who are you please" I'm Dave " "and you want what"? I want you to make me wealthy". I haven't put my socks on so I'm qualified Ginny." "Uh Sir"." I mean Dave".

"How much did you want to apply to borrow Dave"?  "Borrow" I gasped. "Your ad only says you can make me rich without putting my socks on. There is nothing in your ad about borrowing."

"I don't understand why you are talking about". "Your socks?.
 "Ginny,you have an ad that says that you can make me rich without putting my socks on."
" Why would we loan you money for not putting your socks on"?
"Ginny,  I don't  know but you can get in trouble if you don't honor your ads."
"Trouble" "I'm just a temp here". I don't want any trouble."

  You have to fill out an application if you wish to apply for a loan"? "What is your email'? "

Why do you want my email"? "So I can send you a loan application Dave". "I just said I don't want a loan. I want you to make me a rich. I have put on my socks so I'm qualified"
"Um" Sir, I mean Dave"
I'm just a temp here. We don't sell socks."

"Oh, I get it" "Your ad was a bait and switch" "You sucked me in'
"You can get in a lot of trouble for false advertising."
"Trouble" "trouble" I'm just a temp here. I don't want to cause any trouble."
"Now, I would like the phone number of  the owner so I can sue  for false advertising"
"You wont get in any trouble if you just give me the owners name and number"

"I don't know it Dave" "Just ask anyone who has authority in your office". They'll know it"
"Hold on please" "It's Bob Johnson Dave at 7776543. He's actually the owner of the company" "He's in in the mornings."

"i called Mr. Johnson and left a voice mail explaining my interest in his company making me wealthy.
It's been two days and he has'nt called me back.
But is all good now. I won't be homeless for a while. i conned my friend out of the 100 mg Viagras so I figure I have another week left here.



Thursday, April 26, 2018

What a shitty day

Shit can happen at any time. When you are a 69 year old guy who is not in great health to begin with beware of potential failures in your major bodily systems especially the  gastrointestinal system (the bowels) when you do not have good control.

I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (IBS)  for a long time. That condition results in many episodes of stomach distress such as gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. Well, disaster struck a few days ago. I was driving on a busy Chicago st. when I felt bad gas pains. I knew diarrhea was coming quickly so I started looking for any structure with a toilet. I did not care where parked. I was ready to stop in the middle of the street. It was that bad. I spotted a building with a parking lot and pulled in.

My load was about to explode as I opened the car door and bolted for the entrance of wherever I was.  I got about two steps and I knew I was a goner. The diarrhea exploded into my underwear soaking through my jeans. My stomach dumped another load into my already soaked and nauseating underwear seconds later..

I waddled back to the car and pushed the button to open the trunk. Then, I waddled again to the back of the trunk to use as cover. I pulled off my jeans and underwear and threw them in the trunk. I was wearing a sweatshirt and wrapped it around my bare torso.  I looked into the jam packed trunk and found some paper towels and a pint of water. It was like discovering  gold.

, I started pouring water on the paper towels and trying to clean up enough to start driving again without polluting the car with my shit stained ass, Each wipe seemed like eternity. I  kept peering around hoping no one would see me. Finally, I was cleaned  up enough so it felt possible to drive back home.
  I wrapped my unsoiled, thin jacket around my naked torso and fumbled back behind the wheel.

 I  tied the unscathed little jacket around my waist. It would have to be my main wardrobe component  to cover my bare ass and protect the cars upholstery. I struggled  miserably in traffic for 30 minutes to get back to my underground garage space. I fortunately had no more accidents.

The garage was loaded with tenants because it was a busy Saturday afternoon. I gingerly half jogged into the garage doorway  holding the jacket over my nakedness. I made it to the eternally slow elevators with two couples waiting with me keeping me company who naturally were going to higher floors then I. They didn't notice anything about my weird attire. I wondered, however, if they could smell me as we rode up..

I finally got to my apartment, threw off my jacket and sweatshirt and lunged into my bathroom.  I never appreciated my shower until Saturday.  Then I fell in love with it as the water splashed on me.

 I washed furiously and started to feel human again as I contemplated my next move which would be redressing and going back downstairs to my car, spraying the entire interior and throwing the stink ridden clothes into the garbage can. I then did a major clothes wash and an hour later the ordeal was over except for spraying my car to get rid of any smells I could detect.

. A few hours later when I went back to the car it smelled fresh. The smell had not infiltrated the interiors..   What a nightmare.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Being born was the first mistake. Somewheres around 1947 daddy had sex with mommy maybe for the last time. Even though she was 47 years old it did not matter. She got pregnant anyway.with me.  That was 70 years ago and life has been a disaster ever since I crawled out of the womb. Dad died suddenly when I was twelve years old and mom already had two grown sons ages twenty four and twenty five. They had moved out of the house and gotten married.

Dad had made lots of money by being very smart in real estate investments and in several retail businesses he owned. He left plenty of money for mom and so she would  never have to work or worry about surviving. My two older brothers, my mom, and myself were all left percentages of his estate, my mom and I splitting a third and the brothers each getting a third. My assets went into a trust fund frozen until I was 21. My age to get the trust assets should have been 62 and I would not be broke now.

The successful family businesses daddy left became even more successful after he died only because of  the presence of one of my brilliant, charismatic brother. He was a genius businessman and  turned dads businesses into an empire.

I was the benefactor of mom making me into a world class spoiled brat from birth.. She never said no to any of my continual requests for money or material objects through my teens.. As time went on the businesses made more and more money for the family empire which had been blessed with several children by the five year anniversary of my dads death. My trust fund was being managed by my brother. He had also acted as a second father since my dads passing.

I had been gambling compulsively since I was 10 years old. I drained my unaware mom of a fortune to cover my losses and keep myself in action .She had no idea her money was going for gambling. I just came up with one story after another for years. She  believed whatever story I told her never even dreaming about gambling as the cause of my incessant need for money. It was never big gambling through my teens.

Things changed when I was twenty one and got real money to play with.
 My trust fund had been handled brilliantly by my brainy brother  Ed..  I had heard that my assets were going up and up.  My life became all about waiting to be twenty one. I had almost not graduated high school and got thrown out of three colleges. I gambled and played golf instead of studying. I was controlled only by gambling.

My twenty first birthday finally came. I could not believe it when brother Ed sat me down and told me I was a millionaire. Ed said I had over 2 million in assets in my trust account. It was all mine.. I was delirious.
 I received stock, cd,s, money market funds, real estate and other assets.  Ed was so proud to sit  with me and plan out what I was going to do with all the money I had inherited. He reminded me to do the right thing and handle my fortune wisely so I could make my fortune increasingly larger.  I listened to him explain what he thought I should do to protect the assets. He, like others, thought I was a normal person.

 He said I was welcome to step into any part of any of the businesses I was interested in and take my place. I said I was going on vacation for a week or so. He hugged me and told me to have a good time. With my heart beating and airline tickets purchased I was in the airport the next day waiting to go to Las Vegas. 

No one except my couple closest friends knew I was a compulsive gambler who had been losing every dime my mom gave me since I was ten years old.  I had thrown all the money she gave me in the gambling sewer.. I lost larger and larger amounts.

 I put $100,000 on deposit at the Flamingo Hotel in Vegas. I thought was loaded for life. I believed I had a blackjack system that could not lose if only it could be funded adequately. Now it was.

 I did not even know what a compulsive gambler was. I never heard the term until years later. I never would have believed back then that I had no chance to keep all that money for very long. I had no control.

 I  went wild gambling.  I lost the $100.00.000 dollars in two days of insane, non-stop gambling. I blew the whole two million dollars in  less then two years. It was easy to do.  Plus, I owed another two hundred thousand dollars to juice men, bookmakers, friends, relatives and Las Vegas hotels. I was out of control. I could not bet enough. I lost more and more desperate to win back my losses.

 I also got drafted at twenty two. I only had about a million dollars left. I had not stopped losing since I got the inheritance. I was the worlds worst gambler and had blown away a million dollars in a year..

I found myself sitting outside the psychiatrists office at the draft induction center.
 I was a natural con man and with keen insight that I had been gifted with somehow. I could always read people.

I was as good an actor as Jack Nicholson when I mumbled to the induction shrink how people had always picked on me and I knew they would do it again in the military. Dr whoever it was decided I was unfit for military service. I came off to him like one of those unfit problem people but not a psycho. Out the door I went free as a bird..

 I do not know how I found the right voice to persuade him to reject me. It was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life  I was a perfect one take undesirable. I had only asked a few family friends who were shrinks for suggestions on how to beat the military shrink and they told me to try and come off a certain way but said it would be almost impossible.

I  danced down the street from the induction with my rejection certificate .I celebrated my permanent rejection from the military and took all my buddies out for dinner continually re-enacting the way I had spoken like a mentally troubled person. to the induction shrink.

So, I ran around for another year with my group of  pool room degenerate friends who were all full time gamblers on horses, poker , gin rummy. Some were thieves, burglars, and other assorted deviants. I gambled every day almost around the clock.
I still lived at home but rarely talked to my mom. We were on very different schedules. i was out all night and she was out doing good charity work all day.

She could only watch me always falling asleep in the chair when I occasionally sat down with her. She would say "bum, when are you going to work"?  That meant go work at one of the family businesses. She never even asked how much money from my inheritance I had left. She never dreamed I had gambled a million dollars away. She did not ever think anyone in our family needed money. She did not speak of money because it was never an issue.

 Meanwhile,I kept betting more and more. Eventually I  lost the million and got badly in hock to bookmakers and loan sharks.  I humbly walked in to the office and asked my smart brother for a job. I confessed everything to him. He never looked up. I cried that bad guys were looking for me for money I owed. He told me to call them and have them see him., He settled my debts. then, he punched me in the face over and over beating me bloody. He was horrified i had gambled away all my money.

When he stopped we talked. He said he loved me and knew my gambling was over. He said he had heard of a place called Gamblers Anonymous and he said he would go there with me. He did. that was in 1975. He took me out for dinner after this meting with all these pathetic, broken down people. Then, he said he was sure I had leaned my lesson for life. He gave me a good job and and generous salary and reminded me I was on 23 so i would be fine.

I lasted about 3 days and I was gambling again. I loved gambling more then life. I concealed my disease from him and he still does not know that I never changed. I got another big chunk of family money about twenty years later and gambled that sizable amount away also.. One day, when I was about 61 all the cash was gone. I had wasted most of my life gambling. So, I quit. I went back to Gamblers Anonymous and have not made a bet of any kind in 9 years.

It was one of the only smart moves I ever made.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Back in 1947 my Mom and Dad had sex. I was the result and now I sit in my a little apartment almost 70 years later barely surviving. What a remarkable unforced error that act of love created.

I have had a life filled with  many wonderful benefits that most can only dream of. Yet, I have screwed it all up.

I was born into a family where there were already two older brothers twelve and thirteen years my seniors. Then, when I was only twelve daddy suddenly dropped dead leaving my two older brothers in charge of a very profitable family business which they already had been working in. My mom, myself, and the two brothers all were willed equal parts of the business with my end being entrusted to my mom till I was twenty five..

I was not a normal kid at all. I hated school and was always in trouble. I was not a bad boy just a clown and a spoiled brat. I did not care about school unlike my group of upper middle class friends who mostly went on to become lawyers and doctors. I continually flunked courses and barely graduated on time. I only cared about playing ball and gambling.

 I developed a pathological taste for gambling the first time I ever felt the rush of it. Gambling instantly became and continued to be my greatest love. That has a lot to do with why I am severely depressed, alone, and lonely most of the time.  I lost my mental health along with a fortune  Thanks to a wealthy family and a rich lover who now treats me as her child I survive nicely.

 I was about eleven when I started playing poker with my little friends. I almost always lost because I was a compulsive gambler from the get go. I was also a terrible gambler. I could not ever stop playing until I lost all my money.  I bet on horses, craps, roulette, blackjack, and sports. I gambled at everything I could .Even among other gamblers I was regarded as a chump.

 I finally surrendered to my powerlessness over gambling, quit, and started going to Gamblers Anonymous about nine years ago. I have not made a bet since 2009. Stopping gambling is my shining accomplishment of a mostly wasted life.

 Compulsive. gambling is the hardest addiction to give up. I know. I have also been addicted to cocaine, pot, alcohol, sex and overeating.. Gambling is the toughest and cruelest addiction. It is a silent destroyer.. If you refuse to stop gambling you end up insane, in jail, or dead without anyone ever knowing. The compulsive gambler must get help. One cannot stop permanantly on their own..

I never had any reservations about losing all my money because my rich mom could never say no to refilling my empty pockets after my desperate marathon crying sessions to her.. She bailed me out of debt time after time for years.

 When I was about twenty three I went into the family business .I was given a fat salary, a car, a nice office, insurance and they even paid my taxes. I should have been set for life.

 My middle brother Lou who I idolized forever because of his brains, athletic ability, popularity,  physical toughness, and total coolness set me up as a important employee. With a wave of his hand and an introduction to the gigantic staff I was a new family member to be respected.  Lou set it up so that I had all the amenities of an important businessman at my fingertips. Lou wanted me to feel good so I would be happy and make the business lots of money.

He had become my second father as soon as my dad died. Lou was always the brains of the growing and continually more successful family business.

Lou has been the ultimate perfect person to me as long as I have been alive. He loved me so much when I was a little kid and took me with him everywhere. He was a great athlete, a good looking very popular guy and smart as a whip. I idolized him. He has always been my hero. He has also always intimidated me brutally just by his presence. But, I have been trying to get his respect me entire life. He is superman to me.

 He was a great golfer and very early on made me feel that manhood and golf were synonomous. I would stand and sweat as I stood the in the tee box as he watched me dribble out one pathetic shot after another every year on my birthday when he would take me out to play. I would wait for that one day all year and then play like crap. I cannot put in words my self loathing for being incapable of hitting the ball well around him..

 I just froze as he watched me in the box. I would want to puke my guts up and throw a tantrum because of the frustration I felt walking down fairway after fairway while playing like crap. Lou never commented as I fumbled around the course.. His silent acceptance of my inability made it worse. Ironically, I was actually a very good golfer away frome his presence.
Lou knew I was a gambler.  He was a gambler too but not compulsive gambler like I am. I made no secret of my gambling. I was constantly telling Lou war stories of my gambling exploits. He was indifferent not knowing how sick of a gambler I really was and how much money I had been getting from my mom to cover debts and gamble with..

Mom finally busted me. She had run out of patience with my episodes of nagging and crying for cash. She explained to Lou how much of a degenerate I was. I had gone through $350,000 of her money in a few years.. I was only twenty four and also making a good salary and totally broke and in heavy debt.

Lou walked into my office, leaned over my desk and hit me in the mouth without saying a word. I fell out of my chair bleeding and looked up at him. He said "I just talked to mom"

He wrapped his his hand  around my neck and screamed that I would be fired from my cushy, no brainer, very well paid sales job in the family business and never get a dime of the equity I was going to inherit if he ever heard of me gambling again.

Then, he said the worst thing he had ever said to me. He told me that he was giving up on me forever.  He screamed that I was on my own and never look to him for anything. "We're finished", he screamed as I shook.  He spoke words I dreaded but hoped never would be spoken to me. He said that I had been a failure in everything my whole life. He said he thought I would straighten out after coming into the family business but that he was wrong.

I did not know my ownership of the business could not lawfully be confiscated.. I believed he could do anything he said he could.  I also lived for his approval with everything I did. I loved him so. Now, he had defined every fear of his opinion of me. I felt. My self esteem went to zero. I wanted his respect and admiration my whole life. I thought I had lost any chance of getting it back. I decided to try and prove myself anyway. I was determined to become a good employee and a respectable human being.

   I stopped gambling for a day or two. but I could not stay stopped.. I began stealing, lying, embezzling, and doing everything else I could think of to sneakily keep myself in action. I ended up stealing over $200.000 from the business over the next three years. Plus, I owed a fortune to friends and relatives. Also, I had started borrowing from juice men. They were chasing me and I was scared.

I finally confessed to Lou what I had done when I was terrified as the bad guys were chasing me to get paid. He said nothing. He just stared at me with the stare of a person who you are dead to. He only asked how much I owed the juice guys.. He settled with them.  Then, he pointed to the door.and did not say a word as I walked out knowing I was finished..  .

  Jack, the other brother just sat there smiling watching the whole show from his fancy desk.. Jack had always hated me and bullied me my entire life until one fateful day when he tried to intimidate me and I responded by smacking him in his big nose. From then on we never spoke in any form for the rest of his eighty two years.

He had ridden Lous coat tails his entire life..  He had gotten rich because of Lou. Jack and his family acted like Jack had made his millions with his own brains.  He was actually just window dressing who had been born right. He knew that I knew he was a fraud and I reminded him with many sarcastic remarks.

Lou was stuck with him but he never demeaned or embarrassed him because Lou did not need to do that. He was too classy.  His ego was solid as a rock as it should have been. Everyone knew that Jack would be selling shoes part time and need 10 other jobs just to make ends meet if not for Lous brains.

Everyone except Jack's three kids and loud mouth wife knew he was a\just putz.. He was in the business only because of his inheritance but his role was to do simple things only and to be quiet and be happy to live under Lou"s leadership. It always remained a mystery to myself and many others  that Lou did not figure a way to get Jack out of the business. But Lou accepted Jack as his fate.

I drove a cab, did some od jobs, and kept trying to make a score gambling with whatever money I could find. A few years passed.

Then, one night I met Julie, the girl of my dreams. I soon realized that I wanted a normal life. A few weeks after meeting Julie I walked back into the family bnusiness and into Lous office. He never looked up at me. "What?"he asked quietly. " I would like you to give me a chance and give me my job back" He stayed silent. "Please, I muttered. "I'm in love" "I need another chance" He said quietly "Go sit down and go to work". I loved him more then ever. "OK" I blurted out smiling widely. He still had not looked at me. I again believed I could make everything right with him,with Julie, and make a life. But, I still love gambling more the anything including myself.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018


 I felt undeniable animal  attraction as I was cruising my favorite internet dating sight a while ago and then the ultimate sexual fantasy happened. I saw this picture of a gorgeous, seductive looking, tall red-head with big tits, long legs, and super sex appeal.
She was jumping through the screen beseeching me to go after her. She described herself in her profile as being all about fun and gratification and wanting a magical man who could enjoy blissful pleasure with her.

Well, I am a 45 year old inveterate addict attracted to any kind of action be it women, food, alcohol, drugs, and especially sex. The adrenaline rush is what I live for. So, I immediately contacted her via email, she was interested and we exchanged phone numbers and the craziness began.

One thing you don’t do on an internet dating site is get into any intimate conversations let alone hot sexual phone talk when the person on the other end might be undesirable and someone you  that you will want to run from when you meet. You go slowly on online dating.  Very slowly with words and confidential information,

Chemistry is  going to be critical when the  face to face meeting happens. Discretion is always the better part of valor. That’s the rule. You learn not to oversell yourself or overestimate the other person.
Well, when I got on the phone with Ellie I quickly threw away the rule book. We spoke briefly like  two old online dating pros. We quickly covered normal niceties such as our  histories, food preferences, travel experiences, other relationships and very few other things.

Then, we did the no no. We got intimate.  Our first conversation was amazingly free flowing and we were cerebral lovers instantly. Sweet, supercharged, sexual prose flowed easily between us like two dancers who had practiced forever.  We were both aware that we were  violating the primary rules of internet dating but neither of us cared.

We were sure we would be great in person. We had hot, hot  phone sex that was so exciting and fed right into our mutual hungers for sexual activity.
We made plans to meet the next day at her apartment. However,  just in case things didn’t work out we did make an agreement that when I got to her stairwell below her apartment and we were in full view of each other than all bets were off if there was not mutual attraction. We agreed no explanation would be necessary and either of us could  just say no. Perfect.

Well, the next day  came and there I stood on the stairs below her walk up apartment.
She buzzed me in.  I walked up to the floor below her and feasted my eyes upon a tall, sexy, beauty with giant tits, a tight ass, and long, lean legs. Everything was just as advertised. Wow!!!  Heaven, I thought as she happily waved me inside..

I knew I was golden when she smiled at me as I walked in her door, comically modeled for her and she gasped “Yes” as she fixed her eyes with no shame on my crotch.
It only got better. We were dying to get into each other bodies but we restrained ourselves and  did not even touch each other until awe had a romantic dinner. We were savoring every second while keep turning up the undeniable heat.

As the car door closed after we ate we threw away our restraints. We grabbed and jumped all over each other like hungry animals.  It was a steaming sexual frenzy. She started to lick my ear  and play with my hard cock and I put my hand in her wet panties and put my hands all over her wet pussy as we made a beeline back to her apartment.

We were quickly rolling around her big  bed getting high on reefer with steam pouring out of our sexual organs. It was fantastic. We made love for hours and hours, went to sleep about 6 am, woke up a few hours later and kept going all day till we couldn’t make love anymore. We went out for dinner and both ate like two lions that hadn’t been fed in a week. Then, we went back to her house.We made love again and went to sleep for a few hours.

She wanted me to immediately move in with her which seemed like a good idea. She had a nice big apartment, no kids and I was as free as a bird having been broken up with my last girlfriend for about 6 months. I had been divorced for 15 years for obvious reasons. So, I was as free as a bird. So was she after a long list of relationships all over the country she told me of. I kept my apartment but I was always at her place for the next  several months. We almost never left except to eat..

We began a routine of seeing each other every day although we worked different hours. We found plenty of time to be together.  Our lovemaking stayed frantically hot even after a month passed. It seemed the fire would never go out. I kept bringing more and more clothes over to her place. She cooked candlelight dinners. We had a good time when we finally  started doing normal things like going to movies,, going to book stores, and  dancing.

 After about 2 months I decided to introduce Ellie to my friends and family . They liked her. That was important.
It was all good until the fateful night I went out to dinner with my much older brother and his wife. I had confided some personal information to Ellie about family matters just as a test because I had noticed that she talked too much generally but especially when she drank. Too much talking would be a deal breaker.
t troubled me to hear her reveal very sensitive, personal information about her own family and past relationships even to me.. I did not like that. It we were to have a future.I needed to be able to confide in her. It seemed she could not stop talking about anything and everything when she started drinking.
I soon found out how bad and dangerous a drunk she was. Considering my own addictive past including alcoholism I saw the signals but ignored them. I wrote it off to her just drinking a little to much.
Ellie started drinking at the table and the next thing I knew she was spilling her guts to my brother and sister in law about how I had told her I had been mistreated as a child, financial information I told her about, and other information I trusted her not to repeat.
I knew immediately that we were done. There is no reasoning with alcoholics or any other addict.. I never knew but should have. I blamed myself as she blurted out  very intimate information at the dinner table.

There was no interest or pause on her part to even think before she blurted out more and more sensitive things I had told her. So, I was really pissed but held it in until we got back to her apartment. Then I started yelling at her and demeaning her for being ignorant and having a big mouth.
I told her I never wanted to see her again and I meant it.

I went back to my own apartment and had no contact with her until she soon started calling and harassing me like a lunatic.  She would scream profanities and insults in an uncontrolled way in phone calls that  calls that did not stop.. She kept calling continually over several weeks. I was going crazy but still sympathetic. I kept telling her to get help but she continued to scream profanities. .She would not stop.

I had to take decisive action against her. So I did. I called her supervisor at work as I had threatened to do. The supervisor listened to me tell her the tale of Ellie harassing me relentlessly and insanely on the phone for several weeks. .
Considering Ellie was a therapist in a psycho ward and I was talking to the head nurse I never would have imagined things could get worse after my call. Wrong. To my amazement her supervisor tore into me and blamed me and all men for Ellies troubles and her own troubles. She said “you are just another misogynist pig. Ellie was fine until she met you a few months ago. Now, she is a basket case. What did you do to her you asshole?”  Then she hung up.
I was shaking like a leaf.

I had to get this nut away from me but she continued to call and rant and rave several times a week, day and night for another week or so,  My call to her supervisor was obviously useless.
So, I decided fear would be the weapon I would battle Ellie with , I lied to her and told her I had I kept notes and remembered all her drunken ramblings when she had bragged about her crazy sexual exploits with celebrities, high ranking politicians and some well known government officials. Very embarrassing problems and harm could come to her I screamed as she finally fell silent..
She had been involved with some important people in her 43 years.

 I told her that one more call to me ever and each of those people, would be contacted and get a report of her revelations about them to me  and  explicit details of what she had told me she had done with them..
Suddenly, her voice grew soft. “Please don’t” she begged. She was scared straight because she had been into some bad  and dangerous sexual activities..
“I will never call you again" she muttered. Please don't get me hurt." I have never heard from her again.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Is Putin Dumb Donald Trump's Boss?

Rex Tillerson, in a conversation with reporters after he was fired by Trump from his position as Sec.of State on Twitter said he "really hopes Trump finds out also on Twitter that he is being impeached." Rex also said "I mean, I see it playing out with Oprah Winfrey or someone else when he is up at 3 am "starting a new feud with someone when he finds out." 

"My only regret" concluded Tillerson is that "I won't be there."

Trump undercut Tillerson, who was battling furiously for a diplomatic solution in North Korea with Kim Jong-ung, the North Korean leader. Trump said that Tillerson was "wasting his time" trying to deal diplomatically with the North Korean leader.

Meanwhile, Dumb Donald agreed to a face to face meeting with Kim Jong-ung without consultation from advisers. He impulsively agreed to meet with Kim as if he was making an appointment with a banker he was in hock to. He made the meeting like a dope not a President.

That makes sense. Dumb Donald is such a great deal maker. After all, his companies have gone bankrupt six times under his expert leadership and negotiating skills. He has stiffed creditors for millions of dollars. He is not creditworthy with U.S banks,

We elected Dumb Donald Trump President and many Americans still do not\think it was a tragic mistake. We will pay a horrendous price possibly losing our beautiful country and maybe our lives because of Trump.

I believe Dumb Donald got a lot of money from Russians who are.controlled by Putin.  He is one of the wealthiest and most connected men in the world. Trump needed a mega fortune to avoid personal bankruptcy in the early 2000,s and hopefully Mueller might find it was Putin and Co. who bailed Trump out with illegal money.

No wonder Trump is never critical of Putin and almost never mentions Putin's name but instead praises him. He is scared stiff of that Russian killer.

That may be because Putin owns Dumb Donald and may become his next boss. 

And ours!!