Thursday, March 15, 2018

Is Putin Dumb Donald Trump's Boss?

Rex Tillerson, in a conversation with reporters after he was fired by Trump from his position as Sec.of State on Twitter said he "really hopes Trump finds out also on Twitter that he is being impeached." Rex also said "I mean, I see it playing out with Oprah Winfrey or someone else when he is up at 3 am "starting a new feud with someone when he finds out." 

"My only regret" concluded Tillerson is that "I won't be there."

Trump undercut Tillerson, who was battling furiously for a diplomatic solution in North Korea with Kim Jong-ung, the North Korean leader. Trump said that Tillerson was "wasting his time" trying to deal diplomatically with the North Korean leader.

Meanwhile, Dumb Donald agreed to a face to face meeting with Kim Jong-ung without consultation from advisers. He impulsively agreed to meet with Kim as if he was making an appointment with a banker he was in hock to. He made the meeting like a dope not a President.

That makes sense. Dumb Donald is such a great deal maker. After all, his companies have gone bankrupt six times under his expert leadership and negotiating skills. He has stiffed creditors for millions of dollars. He is not creditworthy with U.S banks,

We elected Dumb Donald Trump President and many Americans still do not\think it was a tragic mistake. We will pay a horrendous price possibly losing our beautiful country and maybe our lives because of Trump.

I believe Dumb Donald got a lot of money from Russians who are.controlled by Putin.  He is one of the wealthiest and most connected men in the world. Trump needed a mega fortune to avoid personal bankruptcy in the early 2000,s and hopefully Mueller might find it was Putin and Co. who bailed Trump out with illegal money.

No wonder Trump is never critical of Putin and almost never mentions Putin's name but instead praises him. He is scared stiff of that Russian killer.

That may be because Putin owns Dumb Donald and may become his next boss. 

And ours!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

I think Best Buy in Lincoln Park is the most efficient Best Buy for customer service. See Kimberly while she is still here for great Geek Squad service. Love her.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rotten Politicians And The NRA

Have faith in these activist young people all you lame adults.. We elderly refused to stand up against the gutless, cowardly, putrid, ignorant, myopic, money grubbing politicians. These young people will stand up for us.  They are saying they have taken enough and we will not take anymore.. Their movement will get bigger and bigger because it is right.  It is all of our faults that maniacs have been allowed to shoot and kill  children in schools with assault rifles. We adults have only screamed and yelled when disaster happens and then sat back down passively.
Kids are the ones who run the country in almost every arena.  Entertainment, technology, fashion, education, sports etc. It is their show. What they believe in is what goes. It is hard to get their attention but when they go into action they mean business. Then the country changes. That is about to happen again.
Young people are at the inception of mobilizing against those killer assault rifles and against the politicians who support them because the National Rifle Association makes big contributions to their slimy campaigns.
Well, remember Nixon and Vietnam? Who was it that forced the Vietnam war to end? Young people with a cause.  President Lyndon Johnson could not even run again because of the outrage of young protesters.
Unfortunately, most of us did not rise in outrage over the Vietnam war quickly enough and  then we sat still again while the bogus war in Iraq destroyed lives and land unnecessarily.  We were too busy.  Too timid.
Then, the wounded and dead bodies started coming back home. So many brave people from all over the world were shot, maimed, and killed  For no reason. For no reason at all.
What we passively have accepted is a sickening epitaph to so many of our lives. The incontrovertible evidence of turning the other cheek has ripped us apart again and again.. Just like what is happening now.  We have not learned our lessons as intelligent adults should.
Our kids will now teach us. They will pay our debts to humanity. They will stop the killing.  But, it will take time.
Our shithead President is a prime example of how pathetic the United States of America has become. He is a total fool who will not be helpful to the kids intentionally.
Assault rifles are only good for killing people. These new patriots will not stand for being manipulated like we have been. Money sucking politicians financed by the NRA. are on thei way out.  Ultra stupid politicians are now getting named and exposed. Our kids will not be be lied to.
The young  have declared war on worthless politicians. They have just starting hitting back. They are protesting and taking names. They will track down every scumbag politician who has exploited them and their parents and relatives and friends and peers. They will make the bad politicians more afraid for their jobs then the NRA ever did.
Money grubbing political pigs and cowardly, insensitive, corrupt presidential behavior will not survive.. Many politicians do not stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  They do not give a shit about us. They stand in shame for the wounded and dead kids because of their greed and our flawed  political system.
Money contributed from the NRA to politicians should be prohibited.
Any politician who supports assault rifles should be thrown out of office and sent to the front lines in Pakistan or somewhere where they can get their heads shot off. Over time, the young people will do whatever it takes to end the carnage. They will not give up.
Young people will not listen to the same party line and irrelevant bullshit that we have allowed to wreck our country and destroy so many precious lives. The kids are not schmucks. Many of us are.
The new, young patriots will create a revolution and will attract more and more followers so we can all live in a peaceful America someday.
Donald Trump and the pro NRA assault rifle groups will be looking for new jobs. As Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said "enough is enough" when he was whining about unfairness in getting on the Supreme Court after sexually harassing Anita Hill.
Now, our sons and daughters are also saying "enough is enough" Only they did nothing wrong except they are now being forced to pay the price for our failures.
They will need support, these brave kids. Help them. Every resource will be required. . We have  millions of dollars to piss away on Trump's golf outings. Help the young patriots who will use resources wisely.
Step up Gates, Bloomberg, Buffet, Cuban and every other sensible billionaire, millionaire, and descent person who wants the country to change. Your assistance, influence, and resources are critical..
Take the lead supposed leaders.  Obama, Bush,  Clinton, and the rest of you. Get in there. People respect and listen to you. You can make a real difference.
We all owe it to our great country to help.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


I just blew the one chance I've had in several years to find the last love of my sixty nine year old male life. I blew it because this gorgeous lady I met on warned me the first time we went out that she would would never surrender to my way of trying to control and dominate her. She saw that defect as soon as she showed a little interest in me. She is a therapist, in her sixties, free spirited, financially secure, kids are grown, sexually uninhibited and open for love.

I was immediately swept away on our first date several months ago  My love starved self got carried away and started trying to turn a few simple kisses into an instant love story.  My seductive, aggressive style is all I ever knew and it had served me well occasionally. Mostly it had burned me in romance, money, people, business, and everything else I used it for. Despite that, I thought,that my life of loneliness was at an end. I felt I had found my final soul mate. 

Naturally,  I wanted to immediately transform this woman  on our first date into a life long relationship.  I wanted to do it all in one night. I wanted her to fall in love with me and I wanted to stay with her forever. I knew all that in five minutes...

She did not want to go on that wild ride with me. After she cautioned me about coming on to strong  as we sat in the back of this bar she gave me another warning as I obliviously kept grabbing at her.. She snapped "please" as I removed my hand. .But, I was too slow.

She announced that she wanted to leave. She asked if I always acted so aggressively when I first met someone? I knew I had messed up but I do not know how to control impulses whether it's gambling, cocaine,,or being a love junkie. I tried to explain that but was met with "no no no". "That is your stuff". I want to leave".

 So, I took her home and did not try to contact her for several months. The pain then was bad but bearable. I was only moderately love sick afterward.  I waited a few months and came back at her again.

I wrote her a few online letters explaining why she should give me another chance. I explained  that I recognized my defect and had worked on it and I had changed. I was no longer aggressive and overbearing. She  ignored my first few emails. Then, miraculously, she responded to a message I sent.. She said to call her.
When we spoke I insisted  that I really was a new man.because of the awareness she had instilled.. After the short phone conversation. we made a plan to go out  the next night.
We had a great time as we talked, ate, drank, and got turned on to each other. She actually thanked me for staying after her. I was thrilled, overjoyed, elated. Don't forget that I have a lonely, unfulfilled life.  I've been divorced forever.  I have three  loving, caring who cannot do enough for me.  There are grandchildren and  friends and  acquaintances. I am very grateful. But I have no one to happily spend my days and nights with.. 

 After a long, intimate dinner we went out to my car  at my suggestion. We both took a hit of some good reefer and the the deep, passionate, intense kisses started coming. We were all over each other as if we were meant to be. Yes, nirvana I was sure., I have a new lease on life that has started with this wonderful person. Or so I thought.. .

But, the deal had not been consummated. In my sick mind it was not a genuine connection unless we had done the deed..  I was furiously thinking about how fast  we could  get to my apartment or to hers.

She was thinking differently however.. She said it had been a tremendous night and then said emphatically that although she would not sleep with me that night we should  make a plan to meet again within a few days. .

The implication was that we would make love soon enough but to give her a little time. But, also I should cool down and give her  some space.. Everything was still ok then. I was quietly trying to onceal my disappointment.

Then, I made the fatal error of speaking..

I said "why do you want to leave, it doesn't get any better then this"? "It's stupid to not stay together" She quickly responded "See, you are the same control freak  you were when we went out before"  "You think I am stupid because I want to leave?" "Are you out of your mind? " "I'm  stupid  because I don't want to go home with you tonight"?

No, no, I protested"." I'm not saying you are stupid. I'm just saying it's stupid to part company" "False" she said  "Listen to your words".
"I'm leaving right now."  And she did.

I emerged  into a horrible, state of immobilizing anxiety.. Two days  later it as painful as any mental beating  I have ever taken in my obsessive compulsive anxiety riddled life. I have been a walking dead man since she left. I have no appetite or interest in anything..
 She was the right one and I self destructed again.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

David's Place: Dumb Donald Trump Drowning and John Kelly Is Not A...

David's Place: Dumb Donald Trump Drowning and John Kelly Is Not A...: John Kelly, Chief of Staff, is just another Trump stooge. He is almost as bad as Trump while trying to learn to  play politics. He may even ...

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dumb Donald Trump Drowning and John Kelly Is Not A Good Lifeguard

 John  Kelly, Chief of Staff, is just another Trump stooge. He is almost as bad as Trump is while trying to learn to  play politics. He may even be Trumps undoing. We can only hope..

Kelly, the babysitter-in -chief, is way out of his sandbox with his lies about the Parkland Florida massacre.. Also, the lies about Rob Porter's wife beatings. I am not comparing the two events other then illustrating Kelly's ineptness.  Kelly tried to defend and justify his lies when the press cornered him with questions.. He became angrier and angrier as the news people ate him up..He cannot handle pressure. That is why he also cannot handle Dumb Trump. So, John Kelly is also a bad babysitter.

However, Kelly is no coward. Trump is..

.He will collide with Trump because Trump will try to run over Kelly and proud John Kelly will punch back. He will end up  screwing Dumb Donald because he is not afraid of Dumb Donald Trump.. Everyone in that White House rats nest is suddenly crashing into the truth. Transparency is happening by default.

 Kelly  is just another sub-standard Trump employee. He was supposed to be the answer to getting the White House under control but now he is the problem. .

Trump should be getting a huge headache about now. With all the disasters going on in the White House Trump has to be frantically worrying about Bob Mueller coming for him with new charges like obstruction of justice. . Dumb Donald is started to get the beating he deserves. He is being pushed out into deeper and deeper water.

Dumb Donald Trump is starting to drown in his own piss..