Sunday, November 25, 2018


Normally, I would take forever to start writing this article. I would check my blogger statistics, I would see if I earned any money in the last few days, (which I almost never do) I would jealously check out other successful blogs, or focus on anything other then getting to work and just writing. 

Kinda stupid cause I love to write. I wish I knew I had talent. I have this blog with several hundred articles, and stories. It makes me feel worthwhile as a contributing human being that the world can gain something constructive from. But, I get so little traffic it is pathetic.

However, I just do not understand how to build an audience because I am too old and not computer literate enough to apply the necessary skills to get a respectable following. It is not Googles fault. They are aware of my problems. I am worth money and readership to Google and their advertisers who run ads on my blog. They send me reports and technical information including steps regarding adding code, widgets, links and all kinds of other shit to my blog.

 I just cannot understand what Google AdSense tells me to do. I keep thinking that the sheer appeal of my blog will finally find an audience. So, I only write in this blog,  I go to tiny URL and make the headline small enough so I can put a teasing headline on Twitter to promote my latest blog article and then I post it on Twitter and hope some traffic will come charging to my blog. 

I focus lately almost exclusively on my horrible feelings toward Donald Trump. I am very active on Twitter in commenting on Trump. I do have about five hundred people following me? I always think that one of my followers who has their own gigantic following will go to my blog and see something interesting that they could use for a story, a screenplay, a book, or anything else that might make me successful.

 I do believe that life can change in a heartbeat. I used to gamble so I love the action and rush that writing in my blog can potentially create. Meanwhile, its Sunday morning in Chicago.  I sit in my little high rise apartment all alone. Not even a dog or goldfish. I am retired with very little money. I have wonderful kids and friends who are usually unavailable cause they are busy or married, or something. 

So, I'm lonely, depressed, and  pretty much alone since I dumped my last girlfriend who I just could not get comfortable with and settle down with even after living together for several months. I am 70 and play senior softball several days a week in the summer which I love but now it's winter so I have been trying to find an airbandb in Florida where some of my softball  guys go to play in the winter. Discover me one of you people out there that see talent in me.
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Monday, November 5, 2018


Trump and his candidates are going down the drain as I write. Republicans are losing massive ground. Trump, despite his attempts to rally his base, may not be able to save anyone's job including his own. 

He represents many Republican candidates in tightly contested races and his endorsement is not helpful but can be damaging. Many candidates do not even want him around. What a testimonial for a President !!

If he would have shut his mouth when his advisers told him to, his own position and the Republications appeal would be much stronger. Instead, Trump ignorantly has continued to embarrass himself, our country, and the people he represents by being a mindless egomaniac and narcissist. 

 He misguidedly feels he must be the smartest guy in the room despite how devoid of basic intelligence many Americans and leaders of other countries think. The President seems hardly able to speak well and when he talks he constantly lies.  

Trump could not get health care repealed, immigration reform completed, and a border wall he promised delivered for his supporters. He failed while controlling both houses of Congress. He has all the power a President could ask for and has been a dismal failure. Like the failure he was in the five businesses he ran into bankruptcy using his dads fortune.

Why? Because he is a total fool, a dunce, an "ignoramus" per Ann Coulter. Trump has continued replaying the 2016 election, hiring and firing cabinet members, calling other leaders nasty names, insulting people mercilessly and wasting his time watching TV and playing golf instead of working. He has put himself and his rich friends above everything else. 

He also is threatening to rob our Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid treasuries by taking money from them to repay the tax cuts he gave his billionaire friends who will not need more money anyway. 

He gave us a tax refund or tax break or whatever you want to call it and acted as if it were a big deal but it was really peanuts. He keeps throwing urine in our faces and tells us it is raining. Many of us believe him.

His racism and bigotry, his numerous sleazy scandals and insensitivity repel the majority of good, honest Americans. He goes against all of our values and our better angels. Trump is a horrid President and a horrid human being and his collapsing support underscores that.  

Whats more, to add to the miseries Trump faces, here comes the millennial's voting against Republicans. Gun control, equality for women, bogus agreements, lying, adultery, and all the rest will not be accepted by millennial's. We have had enough crap from Republicans and from Trump.

With no House of Representatives in his control, as the polls indicate, Trump will not only be much less powerful but will likely be impeached as he should be. He has lied, defrauded, abused his power, and been the most unfit President in U.S. history. He is a bad guy and a monstrosity of a POTUS.

Robert Mueller has not even got started on Trump yet. He could be more dangerous to Trump then anyone or anything out there. Trump could end up indicted and maybe in jail.

A no vote for any of Trumps endorsed candidates is a vote for a return to the wonderful America we will again become.

Trump has not seriously gone after Saudi Arabia for the murder of our American resident and journalist because he does not want to lose the money those stinking Saudis spend with us and probably personally lend him. 

He pees in his pants when he even has to talk about KGB killer and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He is a stone, cold coward. 

Trump is the only President I have ever thought to be gutless. He is too afraid to even fire anyone face to face let alone telling KGB killer Vladimir Putin to stay out of our elections.

Now, he is sending 10-15k troops unnecessarily to the southern border to stop some fleeing immigrants from coming here. It is all for show to impress his supporters. That is probably dummy Trumps worst mistake among many.

Also,, here comes the millennial's to the polls who cannot be lied to and ripped off like Trumps supporters. They will be the moving force in the years to come. Donald is screwed.

So, lets start making America great again by voting out Trumps endorsed candidates and impeaching Trump.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


 She had long blond hair, long sexy legs, and a plunging, sleeveless dress with tits that did not stop. They begged to be released. I sat there high and horny staring at that juicy rack. I was salivating. I was so hard my organ was trying to burst through my pants. 

She walked over to me and put her hand on my face. She went down on her knees and pushed her face into my jeans. She opened my fly and my manliness sprang out. Off her skinny skirt went in one motion and she then sat on my huge stiffness. 

She rode me for about two minutes and I had the biggest orgasm ever. It was the worlds hottest sex.


There is hope for my blog. I actually made about $2.00 from AdSense in a few days.  AdSense is the Google tracker that records and credits Blogger on Google Blogger as to how many clicks you get on  articles posted on your blog.

It's just so brutally hard for a 70 year old guy who is not computer literate to succeed in blogging. That's because despite Google AdSense sending reports and helping with very technical support it is just too hard to understand the Google information. 

I'm sure I could have built a large audience by now if I understood a few moves that I could make to build traffic. But, I do not have the smarts to understand the subjects required. 

So, I just keep writing and hoping the strength of my content will be strong enough to draw an audience to my blog. I also do know how to promote my blog on Twitter. But, I do not know anywhere near what a good blogger knows. I am weak at promoting my good blog. 

However, for the last few months it is all about how I detest Donald Trump. So, don't read my blog if you are a Trump supporter and do not want to hear negative, critical stuff about Trump.

 But, I do love to write and just a few responses makes me happy. So, the 2 bucks I saw credited to my weak Adsense account has made me happy.
So, I am writing again.
Read and click and comment please.

Monday, October 29, 2018


The blame for the endless and overwhelming promotion and reporting of Donald Trumps sick, inflammatory rhetoric and behavior lies with all of us who feast on his deplorable words and deeds. Especially responsible for the relentless publicizing of Trump is CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and The Washington Post.   

Trump is always hot news. Unfortunately, he has a lot going for him in being the President, who is the most powerful man in the country. He gets instant attention. Being, outrageous, uncontrollable and having the charisma of a super con man has worked for him magically. 

No question that he sold us snake oil to become President. Americans have a way of buying into bogus scum balls and Trump sold himself ingeniously. He is a perfect Ponzi scheme engineer. 

 Look what we bought by electing Trump? Nothing good in my opinion. Actually, a Presidential disaster for our country. Seems we are falling apart because of him. Trump has torn the country apart with his brainless, misdirected, incapable, inefficient leadership. I think he is a total dunce.

Take heart. An ignorant, flawed, immature, childish narcissistic individual like Trump usually has a short shelf life. A person only stays hot when the media allows them to. The media keeps someone or something in our face strictly if they are making money. Period. 

Trump is an all-time media cash cow. That is now ending. He is starting to decrease in value. Sean Hannity is hurting him as well as Rachel Maddow in the ratings. Most of all, people are getting sick and tired of Trump and what he stands for.

 Trumps speeches are filled with talk of violence, hate, prejudice, bigotry, bullying, and every component that appeals to the worst in many of us. But, no one says that the media has to still cover and showcase Trump continually. However, the media are whores.

They will keep using Trump for every penny they can still squeeze out of him.. He is generating millions of dollars in advertising revenues because most people cannot resist watching, listening to, and reading about train wrecks. That he is. 

A wreck created by money, privilege, bigotry, entitlement, and by being an undisciplined and immature, obnoxious spoiled brat who has to have his way. Trump is a miracle man, amazingly, for many otherwise unremarkable media personalities making big livings because of the demand for reporting on him.

 But, he is nothing more then a loudmouth braggart, a punk, a totally insensitive bastard who thinks he is the smartest guy in the room. In reality, he is shallow and superficial, seemingly uneducated and actually an "ignoramus" according to Ann Coulter, and "a moron" according to Rex Tillerson.

You tell me what you think  of Donald Trump? Comments are welcome. 
email to: 

Every media mope and others who know anything at all about Trump hit the jackpot in this political period. That includes me. I will get a lot of traffic directed to my blog when I publish this. Think about all the money people are paid only to talk about how evil he is? 

Check the TV ratings for the O.J Simpson murder trial many years ago or for the Rodney King police beating in Los Angeles, or many other well known, unfortunate events. Millions and millions of viewers who spend  a lot of money become captives to the news. It is hard to not watch, read, or listen and become entranced when spectacular events occur. 

Giant advertising dollars are spent. Any disaster, no matter how brutal or horrid which attracts huge audiences earns unbelievable money for the media. They don't talk about how much money Trump is worth.  In the end, Trump getting continual coverage is all about money regardless of the righteous indignation that is demonstrated in condemning him. The media is cleaning up.

Think of the school shootings, the attacks, the bombings and everything else that has happened while Trump has been in office. There is big coverage of other things for a little while and then the media goes back to Trump again.  

 We Americans are consumed by watching fires rather then understanding how they were started. Who cares about Trump other then watching him act out? So, we stay tuned.

Even the recent tragic murders in the Pittsburgh synagogue will become old news. But, Trump stays in first place in the ratings, while being detested by a majority of people despite the fact that many corporate treasuries are overflowing because of him. 

If much of the news is "fake news" as Trump claims the medias relationship to Trump is    as phony as a three dollar bill. It is this shell game between Trump, the media and the rest of us who suck it all up and keep paying. 
Do you want to see Trump stop getting covered? Stop buying and watching and listening to the non-stop coverage he gets. You would soon see him fighting to get booked on a high school radio program.  

 George Conway, Kellyanne Conway's ballsy husband is right about Trump in his tweets. Check Conway out on Twitter.

When I hear all the announcers, commentators, military experts, pundits, and every other person who has some kind of knowledge analyze Trump it nauseates me. They are poisoning us with a sick person. Trump needs therapy, not politics. We need our heads examined for electing him.

He is the worst President in history in my opinion and a severely mentally ill, and deranged human being. But, the media licks their chops as they soak in revenues around the clock from his aberrant behavior and words.

Shame on all of us for watching, reading, and listening to those who keep feeding our insatiable desire to feast on Trumps mania. Trump will end but the damage he has done will not. Think about that.

I believe a sharp division of the country between red and blue will continue. Like in so many other losing situations the first loss, painful as it is, might be the cheapest. 
I hope we never wish we had Trump back again after he is gone. 
I dread what may follow him.

Lets come together.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


If you think you are going to find out how to build traffic for your blog for free you are naive or just plain dense like I am. I have had this blog forever and I cannot figure out how to make any real money from it.

Getting that enormous audience out there to click on a blog is the only way to be a successful blogger. So, it seems logical for a blogger to Google "ways to build a blog". 

But, when you research all the information you can find on traffic building by googling that term you realize you have been hustled.  All those "free" blog building ads again are just paid ads which are attempts to suck you into buying programs which supposedly will enable you to succeed in building your blog. Bullshit. 

So, then one might try to punch up some of the hugely successful blogs for tips. Usually, I cannot even log into the good blogs. It is too complicated a process

So, for your benefit I have provided the information below.
                                        GOOD LUCK.

I just punched up the highest earning blogs appearing on Google today Oct., 25, 2016.
                              TOP EARNING BLOGS
                      Tech Crunch         2,500,000
                       Mashable              2,000,000
                       Copy Blogger       1,000,000
                       Perez Hilton-            575,000
                       Gizmoso                   325,000
                       Smashing Magazine 250,000
                        Tuts                          175,000

Those numbers look great. Wow!! But, try and get to those earnings. Do not forget that all the money earned has to be made from Google which operates AdSense. 

That's the device that keeps track of  all the statistics of who is visiting your blog, if they are first time visitors or repeat visitors, which key words they are clicking on that is in your headlines etc.
AdSense controls what you earn on Googles Blogger.

You can see the money you are making by just clicking on the earnings link. Presto. You get to see the cash AdSense has on deposit waiting to pay you when you reach $100.00.

The reality is that you can write your head off using fresh material, promoting your blog on all the social networks, draw thousands of visitors and still not make squat. I know that personally. I have really written a hundreds of articles.  Check my blog.

I have been stuck at about $88.00 in earnings for about a year. I have tried everything I can to figure out how the successful bloggers do make money on Blogger or any other blogs. 

I am the rat in the maze that keeps running around hoping to find the food and failing over and over. 
I just cannot stop. I love to write.

Maybe it's because I am 70 years old, not computer savvy, cannot read the reports that Google sends me which are designed for computer literate people.

So. Fuck it. I'll just keep being that rat that runs and runs and runs around the maze being happy to get a little nibble of food once in a while.
Comments please.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Donald Trump. our temporary president seems to be giving up his power to Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. His knees were shaking in Helsinki when he could not even tell KGB killer Putin to stop meddling in our elections.Then, he refused to say anything negative about Putin even praising him in his treacherous leadership of Russia. Trump got his reward for being such a wonderful friend to Putin. He and the United States were bullied by Putin a few days ago.

Tough guy John Bolton was sent to Russia to talk to Putin and got neutered by Putin when  Putin humiliated our country by telling chickenshit Bolton that the United States was now a second rate power. Bolton just smiled and sucked up Bull Putin's smiling insults. 

Wasn't John Bolton supposed to be the ferocious fighter who would stand up to anyone? Not quite. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Unfortunately, the tree is cowardly Donald Trump who could teach anyone how to be afraid. 

Donald Trump who has now has added another coward, John Bolton, to his motley crew. 

Where is Anthony Scaramouch? We need some leaders with balls. Big mouths do not count. Step in mooch