Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Feel free to request permission to use anything you see in my blog  for a book, screenplay, blog, magazine article, etc.  I'm gonna be famous. Find me.  

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Feel free to request permission to use anything you see for a book, screenplay, blog, magazine article.  I'm gonna be famous. Find me.  

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Is Mike Pence The New Deep Throat?

What do you think?  Could Mike Pence be the greatest whistle blower of them all.? What a surprise guy to stick the shiv in Trumps back!! But, it kinda figures. Who is more moral then Pence? If he really is the Evangelical alter boy of politics then maybe Trumps immoral, dishonorable, trashy style drove Pence over the edge. 

Chickenshit Republicans Still Afraid Of Dumb Donald Trump

It is sickening watching the Supreme Court hearing. I do not know why all this time is wasted. I suppose Justice Clarence Thomas is sleeping like he slept through his own hearing while everyone is questioning this right wing goof Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh will win.

The Republicans will all vote for him and the Democrats will all vote against him. It is all partisan and not about electing an objective judge. It all stinks. It's all about Trump appointing nominating Kavanaugh so Kavanaugh will not allow Trump to be impeached and indicted for his crimes. I hope all of this backfires. I hope Kavanaugh somehow loses the vote and does not get confirmed. But, the chickenshit Republicans will not find the spine to challenge Trumps power.

Maybe strange things will happen and some gutsy Republicans will vote against Kavanaugh. What fun that would be. 

By the end of the week Trump might do something so crazy that he will throw the entire government up for grabs. I hope so.


Now, there is a deep throat in the White House. Someone on Trumps senior staff supposedly wrote a brutal article anonymously that was published by the New York Times. 
 An internal revolt has boiled over in the inner sanctums of the unhinged White House.. Seems there are plenty of layers of cover to conceal the whistleblower. 

Where the hell are all the chickenshit Republicans who have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the nation.
Republicans must denounce and reject President Trump. 

He is the most defective unfit, ignorant man to ever be commander~in- chief. Yet, almost every Republican is a coward. They will not stand up to Trump even though he is destroying the country.

Why are you so afraid Republicans? Are your jobs and benefits and power worth surrendering your dignity and principles? Most of you are already rich. If you band together you will save your jobs in all likelihood restore your broken party.. 

This is all our United States but you are giving it away to Trump. Trump has bullied the country. He has bullied the Republican party. However, one brave man or woman is a majority. There is one man or woman on the inside of the White House who is destroying Trump right now by exposing his misdeeds. 
How are the Republicans going to feel when the problems with Trump get even worse. You know they will. How will you explain yourselves to your constituents and more importantly your families 

Friday, August 24, 2018


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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Trump Pimps For Cable News Stations

Why can't news organizations such as CNN, MSNBC, and others stop providing coverage of Trumps rallies? They whore themselves out to Trump.  Who needs to see them? Trump gets the focus of all the news sources because he is a big traffic draw for advertisers. People love sensationalized stories and gobble up all the crap put out by the demented monster Donald Trump.
Unfortunately, the same new sources who complain and criticize Trump 24/7  just keep on giving that "ignoramus"  continual, free publicity to keep their ratings up. The cable stations are as responsible as anyone for Trump being allowed to make crap out of the country because of their greed and fear of losing revenues or viewers to competing networks.
Trump has the cable news stations, the announcers and newscasters, the pundits,  and the network experts all sucking on his every word.  As sick and twisted as Trump is, he is the key to the success of thousands of people who make a living on his daily, vengeful drippings for profits and ratings.
The day will come when Trump ends and when he is no more newsworthy. The Trump monster will sink to the bottom of the sea.
You know what? The news hounds will desperately seek another spectacularly evil monster to take his place. 
That is how it is. But, will trump get much more of a chance to destroy the country and maybe the world?